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Helsinki Launches App for Travelers on WeChat Developed by Tencent and Whim

Chinese travelling to Helsinki will now be able to use WeChat mobile service to review local recommendations about the best restaurants, shopping, events and sights in and around the capital of Finland. They can also plan their commute from their hotel to the attraction of their choice, and pay for transportation, purchase travel tickets – all within one mobile service.  “By collaborating with Tencent and the world’s leading MaaS provider Whim, we have been able to develop an innovative user-based service where visitors can gain easy access to the best locally recommended experiences our…

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More Leisure Time Equals More Travel for Chinese Tourists

China’s National Bureau of Statistics recently released data tracking citizens’ leisure time over the past 10 years, and the findings indicate that an increase in the amount of free time over the past decade has also led to an increase in outbound travel. The report notes that Chinese citizens have a total of 1 hour and 5 minutes of free time per day, about 25 minutes more than in 2008 — the comes to more than 16 days for leisure activities. Those hours have led to changing habits that include…

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Trends in Chinese High-End Tourism 2019

A new report from Chinese luxury travel agency SparkleTour identifies the main keywords and trends in the development of high-end Chinese tourism. The report has been translated to give you insights on the demographics, sales channels, destinations, and other trends in Chinese luxury travel consumption. You can view the original report in Chinese here.    Keyword 1: Post-90s Consumerism The proportion of travel decision makers aged 19-29 reached 22.1%, a significant increase compared to previous years. In their hotel choices, Chinese luxury travelers born in the 1990s show a preference for novel experiences,…

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Chinese Tourists Are Going International—and Their Travel Habits Are Evolving

Chinese tourists are no longer going overseas primarily to shop. As the Chinese middle classes grow in size and wealth, Chinese residents are increasingly becoming international tourists—and the reasons they travel overseas are evolving. According to a recent survey of 2,000 Chinese travelers by Oliver Wyman, Chinese tourists made 140 million outbound trips in 2018—a 13.5 percent increase over 2017. Chinese tourists are getting bolder, both about where they go and what they experience at their destination—and these changes are affecting where and what these travelers spend their money on. According to The…

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Chinese Travelers on WeChat Can Now Navigate French Railways

Last year, France saw a 50-percent year-on-year increase in Chinese tourists with more than 2 million, according to International, and about 60 percent of them were between 18 and 35 years old. It was the 17th most popular overseas destination for Chinese travelers in 2018, according to a report from Ctrip and Chinese government research institution China Travel Academy. Tourism suffered a bit at the end of the year due to safety concerns after the Yellow Vest protests, but that hasn’t stopped France from continuing to target Chinese tourists, and they…

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There are big changes in the China travel market, which also means big opportunities for marketers. This was how Reene Ho-Phang, founder and, managing director of BrandStory Asia, described what lies in store for companies looking to do business with this outbound travel giant. She was giving some top tips to the delegates at WiT Indie 2019 held at the Penang Institute on the most effective way to tap the China market. BrandStory Asia, a destination marketer in China, was established in 2003 to engage with the travel industry to stimulate the desire for and…

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Chinese travellers: why they’re the guests French hotels can’t afford to ignore

It’s almost impossible to read through a hospitality or travel publication these days and not find the latest jaw-dropping statistic on the Chinese traveller market. Here’s one: according to The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI), the number of overseas trips made within a year by Chinese tourists will exceed 400 million by 2030. And, another: in 2017, China led the world in its investments toward travel abroad, investing a total of US$258,000 million, according to the UNWTO. The list is endless. Indeed, a lot is said about the Chinese…

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Chinese Travelers Opt for Luxury Across Europe: Ctrip

From the French countryside, dotted with idyllic small towns and inviting vineyards, to the iconic cultural institutions in London and Rome, Europe is blessed with an unending roll call of travel possibilities. And for Chinese tourists, particularly the ones that are traveling more and more to Europe, there’s a growing trend to venture beyond its greatest hits and into the hidden corners, which is not only spreading the reach of Chinese tourists, but also their spending dollars. According to a recent report from International, European travel accounted for about…

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Tourism in Osaka, often overshadowed by Tokyo, is catching up

Osaka, long Japan’s “second city,” is winning the race against Tokyo to draw foreign tourists, but after a boom, its retailers and property developers are adapting to shifting tourism spending patterns. Inbound tourism to Osaka surged five-fold between 2012 and 2017, faster than visits to Tokyo, as the city lured low-cost carriers and promoted itself as a base to visit the 25 World Heritage sites in nearby Kyoto and Nara. Initially, developers and retailers scrambled to build new hotels, expand floor space, and install cashless payment systems like AliPay and…

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Airlines, cruise lines see big gains in WeChat engagement

With more than one billion active accounts, WeChat is one of the most popular marketing channels for brands trying to reach Chinese consumers. International travel brands including national tourism boards, destination marketing organizations, airlines, cruise lines, hotels and attractions publish content on WeChat with the hopes of attracting the growing number of Chinese outbound travelers. Since 2017, Dragon Trail Interactive has tracked travel brands’ official accounts on WeChat, looking at total view for published articles, total number of articles, most-viewed articled and “like” on articles (it has tracked the categories of attractions…

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