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Trends in Chinese High-End Tourism 2019

A new report from Chinese luxury travel agency SparkleTour identifies the main keywords and trends in the development of high-end Chinese tourism. The report has been translated to give you insights on the demographics, sales channels, destinations, and other trends in Chinese luxury travel consumption. You can view the original report in Chinese here.    Keyword 1: Post-90s Consumerism The proportion of travel decision makers aged 19-29 reached 22.1%, a significant increase compared to previous years. In their hotel choices, Chinese luxury travelers born in the 1990s show a preference for novel experiences,…

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Hospitality Trends to Look out for In 2019

Ready or not, the new year is upon us and new goals waiting to be set. Does your 2019 plan take into consideration these key changes expected to hit the industry? The new year will no doubt bring new challenges and changes to the ever-growing hospitality industry. Take note of these trends that can help your business and brand to provide what your guests are looking for. The Need For Seamless Technology Far from trying to be all things to everyone, modern technology developers are embracing specialisation, enabling a higher…

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