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Trends in Chinese High-End Tourism 2019

A new report from Chinese luxury travel agency SparkleTour identifies the main keywords and trends in the development of high-end Chinese tourism. The report has been translated to give you insights on the demographics, sales channels, destinations, and other trends in Chinese luxury travel consumption. You can view the original report in Chinese here.    Keyword 1: Post-90s Consumerism The proportion of travel decision makers aged 19-29 reached 22.1%, a significant increase compared to previous years. In their hotel choices, Chinese luxury travelers born in the 1990s show a preference for novel experiences,…

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Introducing Alibaba/s Flyzoo Future Hotel

We all know the hiccups that can mar a hotel stay: long queues at check-in, lost keycards and unmotivated staff. So what to do when the bellhops aren’t hopping? Enter the FlyZoo Hotel. Located in Hangzhou, China, the 290-room FlyZoo Hotel was built by Alibaba’s online travel platform, Fliggy, along with other Alibaba Group business units, such as Alibaba A.I. Labs and Alibaba Cloud. Its purpose? To leverage cutting-edge tech to help transform the hospitality industry, one that keeps the sector current with the digital era we’re living in. As…

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