China outbound tourism trend 2018; the beauty and uniqueness are the primary consideration

A survey by Nielsen shows that for Chinese tourists who are generally well-off, tourist attractions and the travel experience are more important factors than the costs that might be incurred. 56% of the respondents expressed that the beauty and uniqueness of a given destination is their primary consideration, while 47% stated that safety of the destination would affect their travel choice. 45% said that they would consider the ease of visa procedures, and 35% felt that it is important that the locals at the destination make them feel welcomed. The…

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Tourism in Osaka, often overshadowed by Tokyo, is catching up

Osaka, long Japan’s “second city,” is winning the race against Tokyo to draw foreign tourists, but after a boom, its retailers and property developers are adapting to shifting tourism spending patterns. Inbound tourism to Osaka surged five-fold between 2012 and 2017, faster than visits to Tokyo, as the city lured low-cost carriers and promoted itself as a base to visit the 25 World Heritage sites in nearby Kyoto and Nara. Initially, developers and retailers scrambled to build new hotels, expand floor space, and install cashless payment systems like AliPay and…

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