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Chinese High-End Outbound Customized Travel

Chinese High-End Outbound Customized Travel – A Joint Report By Ctrip and COTRI High-End Customized Travel vs. Standard Customized Travel Ctrip’s Customized Travel unit is the leading platform for customized travel, boasting the largest annual transaction volume and linking to the most qualified customized travel consultants in China. In 2019, while many international tourism service providers are still learning about the concept of customized travel and adjusting their services to satisfy the diverse demands of Chinese travelers, Ctrip Customized Travel have launched their “high-end customized travel” services.  Even though the…

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Trends in Chinese High-End Tourism 2019

A new report from Chinese luxury travel agency SparkleTour identifies the main keywords and trends in the development of high-end Chinese tourism. The report has been translated to give you insights on the demographics, sales channels, destinations, and other trends in Chinese luxury travel consumption. You can view the original report in Chinese here.    Keyword 1: Post-90s Consumerism The proportion of travel decision makers aged 19-29 reached 22.1%, a significant increase compared to previous years. In their hotel choices, Chinese luxury travelers born in the 1990s show a preference for novel experiences,…

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China’s Next Hot Travel Market: Customized Luxury Tours

Chinese tourists have been ditching group tours at a rapid pace, and custom-tour operators are reaping the benefits of this booming tourism industry segment. Now that most of these travelers are seasoned, they’re starting to seek unique experiences, and most of them have the adventurous nature and significant disposable income needed to partake in these high-end tours. But there is one traveler demographic within this industry that is still under-served by China’s booming online travel agencies: high-net-worth individuals. As Chinese tourists have increased the frequency of their travels abroad, a growing demographic of high-end…

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Chinese Travelers Opt for Luxury Across Europe: Ctrip

From the French countryside, dotted with idyllic small towns and inviting vineyards, to the iconic cultural institutions in London and Rome, Europe is blessed with an unending roll call of travel possibilities. And for Chinese tourists, particularly the ones that are traveling more and more to Europe, there’s a growing trend to venture beyond its greatest hits and into the hidden corners, which is not only spreading the reach of Chinese tourists, but also their spending dollars. According to a recent report from International, European travel accounted for about…

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Hyatt Bets Big On China For The Future Of Travel

Hyatt opened its first hotel in China in 1969 and today has grown to 58 hotels, seven brands and more than 19,000 rooms in Greater China. Over the next four years, Hyatt plans to double its presence in China with 60 hotels and 22,000 more rooms in the pipeline, representing nearly one-third of Hyatt’s global development pipeline. China’s growing middle class and rapid urbanization are big drivers in this growth strategy. Travel and tourism revenue in China is growing at more than double the rate of GDP growth, and over the…

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