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Tapping into China’s tourism bonanza

More than 25 million Europeans work in tourism – a sector estimated to contribute around 10 percent of EU GDP. But what happens once the peak summer period ends? For many SMEs operating in Europe’s travel industry, accessing new markets is vital for opening up new business opportunities. One market that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon is China. Once travel minnows, in just the space of a few years, the country has become a global powerhouse when it comes to outbound travel. Getting a better balance…

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Brand USA Hopes Mandopop Star Will Lure Tourists

Jane Zhang may be best known by her 42 million Weibo fans for onstage antics including her signature dolphin-whistle, but Brand USA chose the Mandopop star as the face — and voice — of its campaign to improve the fortunes of America’s tourism industry. After 15 years of steady growth from the world’s largest tourism market, the 3 million Chinese tourists who visited the U.S. in 2018 represented a 5.7 percent year-on-year decline. The dip has prompted Brand USA, which markets the U.S. as a tourism destination on the international…

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Morocco anticipates more Chinese tourists

Rabat is betting on Chinese tourism market because of the size of the market, estimated at 150 million tourists annually. RABAT – Chinese-Moroccan partnerships received a boost in the tourism sector, which is of vital strategic importance in Morocco’s development policies. Adel El Fakir, director-general of the Moroccan National Tourist Office, signed an agreement with Liang Jianzhang, chairman of the China Digital Travel Agency (Ctrip), to promote the Moroccan market in China. The 3-year agreement was widely welcomed because it offered opportunities to boost the flow of Chinese tourists to…

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London’s Landmark Hotel Has a Holistic Approach for Chinese Tourists

When it comes China, five-year plans typically call to mind drab government white papers outlining economic development. But for The Landmark London, a China-centric five-year strategy is helping to differentiate the Marylebone hotel from the plethora of five-star experiences on offer in the capital. The Landmark may be one of London’s few remaining old-world railway hotels, boast 300 spacious rooms, a six-story winter garden, and a luxury skincare spa, but as Andrew Batchelor, General Manager at The Landmark London, explained in an interview with Jing Travel, accommodating Chinese guests takes…

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Alipay in Europe is Changing the Chinese Tourist Experience

For boutique Portuguese chocolatier Arcádia tradition is everything. The family run business has been handcrafting iconic línguas de gato – literally cat tongues –using the same techniques for nearly 90 years, but when it comes to payment Arcádia has adopted an altogether modern approach. The flagship outlet in downtown Porto became the first shop in Portugal to accept Alipay, the Chinese mobile payment platform with approximately 900 million users. As Francisco Bastos, Arcádia’s administrator, puts it “we want to be at the forefront and keep up with the changing habits…

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Argentina prepares ‘Hilton welcome‘ for Chinese visitors

If the way to a man‘s heart is through his stomach, then maybe the same applies to China‘s growing number of globetrotters. Argentina is banking on the old adage to attract more Chinese tourism, and the strategy is part of the Hilton Huanying program that derives from the Chinese word for “welcome.” The program is backed by research that revealed the preferences of today‘s Chinese travelers, including starting the day with a traditional breakfast featuring a range of rice congee, steamed buns, shrimp dumplings and hard-boiled eggs, among others. The…

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Women-only trips and Chinese millennials drive wellness tourism growth across Asia

Asia-Pacific travellers are now searching for health and wellness products during their travels, making Asia one of the largest wellness tourism markets. A study has revealed that female travellers, affluent middle-age people, and Chinese millennial millionaires are the driving forces behind the phenomenon. Conducted by branding and marketing agency CatchOn, in partnership with ILTM, a global collection of invitation-only events, the report “Asia: The Future of Global Wellness Tourism” has highlighted that at the core of wellness tourism’s explosive growth, APAC travellers make 258 million wellness trips annually, just behind Europe. Female…

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8 Essentials to Working with Chinese Luxury Tourists

One of the most coveted segments in the Chinese outbound tourism market is also one of the hardest to get right when it comes to marketing and service: luxury travelers. We interviewed three tourism professionals with extensive experience in the Chinese luxury sector to understand how to stand out – and avoid making major blunders – with affluent Chinese travelers. Our expert panel:  Ivy Aiwei Jenkins is Director at HEDERA, a full-service agency specializing in the Asia market, dedicated to luxury hotels, retail, and lifestyle. Educated in Switzerland, Ivy also has previous experience…

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Chinese Travelers Opt for Luxury Across Europe: Ctrip

From the French countryside, dotted with idyllic small towns and inviting vineyards, to the iconic cultural institutions in London and Rome, Europe is blessed with an unending roll call of travel possibilities. And for Chinese tourists, particularly the ones that are traveling more and more to Europe, there’s a growing trend to venture beyond its greatest hits and into the hidden corners, which is not only spreading the reach of Chinese tourists, but also their spending dollars. According to a recent report from International, European travel accounted for about…

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Chinese wanderlust takes off in Spain

“The growth of Chinese tourists visiting Spain could be described as spectacular,” Dario Polo Rodriguez, tourism counselor of the Spanish Embassy in China, told Xinhua in a recent interview. In 2018, China overtook Japan to become Spain’s largest source of Asian tourists, and consolidated itself as a strategic market, according to Polo. “Despite the delay in recognizing the potential of the Chinese market, Spain has been redoubling efforts to offer a pleasant experience to the growing number of Chinese visitors to the country,” Polo said. During the Lunar New Year…

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