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London’s Landmark Hotel Has a Holistic Approach for Chinese Tourists

When it comes China, five-year plans typically call to mind drab government white papers outlining economic development. But for The Landmark London, a China-centric five-year strategy is helping to differentiate the Marylebone hotel from the plethora of five-star experiences on offer in the capital. The Landmark may be one of London’s few remaining old-world railway hotels, boast 300 spacious rooms, a six-story winter garden, and a luxury skincare spa, but as Andrew Batchelor, General Manager at The Landmark London, explained in an interview with Jing Travel, accommodating Chinese guests takes…

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Chinese Tourists Are Going International—and Their Travel Habits Are Evolving

Chinese tourists are no longer going overseas primarily to shop. As the Chinese middle classes grow in size and wealth, Chinese residents are increasingly becoming international tourists—and the reasons they travel overseas are evolving. According to a recent survey of 2,000 Chinese travelers by Oliver Wyman, Chinese tourists made 140 million outbound trips in 2018—a 13.5 percent increase over 2017. Chinese tourists are getting bolder, both about where they go and what they experience at their destination—and these changes are affecting where and what these travelers spend their money on.…

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Ctrip and Sicily Boost Tourism Co-operation with Strategic Partnership

Ctrip, the largest online travel agency in Asia today announced a strategic partnership with Sicily that promises to bring a bigger share of the world’s largest outbound tourism market to the Mediterranean island. In the presence of Michele Geraci, Undersecretary of State for International Trade and Investment Attraction at the Ministry of Economic Development, Ctrip Chief Marketing Officer Bo Sun, the Region of Sicily, represented by Gaetano Armao, Regional Councilor for Economy and Vice-President of the Region of Sicily, and Lucia Di Fatta, General Director of the Regional Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, on behalf…

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Argentina prepares ‘Hilton welcome‘ for Chinese visitors

If the way to a man‘s heart is through his stomach, then maybe the same applies to China‘s growing number of globetrotters. Argentina is banking on the old adage to attract more Chinese tourism, and the strategy is part of the Hilton Huanying program that derives from the Chinese word for “welcome.” The program is backed by research that revealed the preferences of today‘s Chinese travelers, including starting the day with a traditional breakfast featuring a range of rice congee, steamed buns, shrimp dumplings and hard-boiled eggs, among others. The…

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Hotelbeds launches Chinese domain

SHANGHAI, 18 June 2019: Hotelbeds has recently launched a China-based hotel extranet solution for hoteliers in China. Effective Monday, China-based hoteliers will have access to a Chinese domain version of MaxiRoom, the Hotelbeds free hotel extranet that was launched in 2015. MaxiRoom is designed to control and maximize hotel occupancy rates through Hotelbeds’ distribution channels in a faster, smarter and easier way. Chinese hoteliers will be able to access MaxiRoom via the Chinese domain  which allows access to Maxiroom without facing any restrictions and is in Chinese. Hotelbeds head…

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Thailand’s latest hotel booking trends

Overall demand for Thailand hotels has increased by 10% year-on-year according to the latest Expedia Group data showing hotel demand trends to Thailand. The report claims Thai accommodation partners are enjoying steady growth as evidenced by Expedia Group’s data over the last 12 months. Based on demand generated by Expedia Group’s portfolio of travel brands, booking trends through the group shows the USA remains the largest market to Thailand, with demand growing by 20% year-on-year. China now is the second largest market to Thailand, surpassing Japan, Hong Kong and South…

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Partnership: Dorsett goes to bed with China’s JegoTrip

Hong Kong based Dorsett Hospitality International (DHI), one of Asia’s fastest-growing international hotel groups, has sealed a strategic partnership with JegoTrip to provide one-stop travel related services such as communication, accommodation and entertainment, to Chinese outbound travellers. JegoTrip, developed by China Mobile International Limited (CMI), is an integrated travel platform for overseas China Mobile subscribers that includes overseas data pack products, VOIP and travel services. One of the key projects of this cross-platform collaboration is the member-matching programme, offering JegoTrip VIP members a free membership upgrade to the next tier when they sign…

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Launch of Shangri-La’s e-Services under WeChat Ecosystem to Enhance Guest’s Digital Experience

Shangri-La Group kicked off the launch of WeChat Mini Programme and WeChat online pay services on 1 June 2019. This service will eventually cover all its over 100 hotels globally including Shangri-La, Kerry, Hotel Jen and Traders properties. This makes Shangri-La the first hotel company to offer a range of e-services under the WeChat eco-system including online pay and offline deposit for guests with WeChat accounts. By personalising their experience through WeChat functionalities, Shangri-La guests can look forward to enjoying greater convenience and stay experience, as well as enhanced communications…

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A digital roadmap to selling to Chinese tourists

149 million Chinese tourists traveled internationally in 2018. Those affluent shoppers represent a large sales opportunity for retailers, travel services and tourist destinations that know how to leverage the mobile apps that are embedded in everyday life in China. In 2018, the number of tourists from China traveling internationally was 149 million. This impressive figure exceeds the current population of Great Britain, Germany, Russia, France, Japan, and many other countries—and every year, the number of Chinese citizens traveling abroad for the purpose of tourism is growing by almost 10%. Chinese…

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Chinese High-End Outbound Customized Travel

Chinese High-End Outbound Customized Travel – A Joint Report By Ctrip and COTRI High-End Customized Travel vs. Standard Customized Travel Ctrip’s Customized Travel unit is the leading platform for customized travel, boasting the largest annual transaction volume and linking to the most qualified customized travel consultants in China. In 2019, while many international tourism service providers are still learning about the concept of customized travel and adjusting their services to satisfy the diverse demands of Chinese travelers, Ctrip Customized Travel have launched their “high-end customized travel” services.  Even though the…

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